Bees, Music, and Decimals

October is a time to not only celebrate the fall colours but to harvest as well!  We learned about harvesting corn, soybeans, and honey.  Mrs. Smith is wearing a bee suit as she introduces the children to the process of harvesting honey.  Our neighbours have bee hives so we took a walk and were able to get quite close to the hives to see the bees coming and going.


Honey Harvest          Bee Hives.1


We learned that corn is much taller than us.




With the beautiful weather, we were able to hang our laundry on our new clothesline.  And since we have started using cloth napkins, there is a new need to iron.


IMG_0780       Henry Ironing


As part of our Fine Arts Series, Mrs. Livingston introduced us to the flute and played a small concert – outside of course because it was just too beautiful to be inside!


Nancy.Flute       Flute Concert


Mrs. Livingston’s concert gave the children the idea to hold their own concert using sticks and buckets.


Bucket Concert


Ayla was excited to share her guitar with her friends.  First, she and I played together and then everyone fetched an instrument and we “jammed”!


Ayla        Mrs. Smith and Ayla


To celebrate the fall vegetables, we made soup everyday for a week: split pea, celery and vegetable.  We were grateful for the donation of carrots from Chef’s Way Farms.


Veg Cutting


We weren’t just busy with music, cooking and harvest.  Our classroom work included many activities to increase our fine motor skills such as lacing, using a screw driver, pulling corn off the cob and harvesting sunflower seeds from our garden.


Lacing        Screwdriver
Corn Harvest       Sunflower


Fine motor dexterity increased with our older students by using a sharp poker to punch out the continents.  They completed their projects by making a map of the world.


Poking       FullSizeRender


We practised our circles in the sand tray, learned the numbers of the decimal system and practised our beginning sounds with our friends closely watching.


Sandtray       Decimal System

Overall, it was another great month full of learning. The students are thriving with the Montessori method while the leaves fall. November is flying by and soon we’ll be sharing pictures of our Christmas concert and the students sledding outside! As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to one of the teachers or myself. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mrs. Smith


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