September Harvest

Although we are only in our fourth week of school, we have already learned and accomplished so much!  Many children successfully made the adjustment of leaving Mom/Dad and are embracing their new school, new friends and are enjoying our activities.

As part of our “Fine Arts Program”, we had a close look at how a piano produces a sound.  We watched the hammers strike the strings and the children enjoyed playing with the cover off.


IMG_0727                        IMG_0732


There were new tasks to be learned.  Learning to use a knife allowed the children to prepare fruit salad for snack.  And just like home, there is always laundry to fold.


IMG_0738                        IMG_0741


A highlight was making our own apple cider.  The children turned the wheel to grind the apples and lower the press.  The first drops of cider created some excitement.




IMG_0742                           IMG_0747


Our apple study concludes with making apple sauce for snack with a mill.  No need to remove seeds, stems or skin.  Applesauce comes out the side and we feed the scraps to the sheep. Sometimes the process is farm to table to the barn!


IMG_0764                           IMG_0761


After harvesting the potatoes from our garden, we carefully washed them.  This week, we will roast them with some butter and salt for snack.




Of course, we still found time for reading to a new friend,  counting the spindles, practicing our sounds, and identifying the beginning sounds of words.


IMG_0765                           IMG_0767


IMG_0768                           IMG_0775


More details about our reading program will be presented on Monday, Oct. 12th at 7:00 pm at our first “More About Montessori” Meeting. As always, please email or call me if you have any questions. It’s shaping up to be a great year!


-Mrs. Smith


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