Countryside Montessori School creates an environment for children to cultivate their inherent true love of learning at a young age. By teaching and encouraging self reliance and responsibility, Countryside teachers provide a solid foundation for students to build on throughout their academic career and beyond.

Why do you have mixed ages within the same classroom?

The mixed ages of a Montessori classroom contribute to a calm and productive environment.   Older children enjoy the opportunity to role model, guide and assist the younger students with their work.  Our younger students look up to the older ones and are curious and motivated by their work.

If I choose to observe, what can I expect?

The unique environment of the Montessori classroom can be surprising when you first observe.  The independence of the children is very evident; look for students choosing their own work, preparing snack by themselves, returning work carefully to the shelves and assisting other students.  This self discipline and independence is fostered through a long and patient process.  None of the children in the classroom were screened or behaved in this manner prior to coming to Montessori.  Your child does not need to be exceptionally disciplined at home, have any academic experience before attending CMS or be a certain age (the children you observe are ages 33 months to 6 years) to succeed.  The Montessori philosophy is founded on the principle that every child can succeed.

What is Orientation?

For the first week of school (4 days), students come for half of their normal time.  This schedule allows us to work closely with new students and introduce them to the classroom.  Before and after school care is not available during the week of orientation.  A schedule of the times your child will attend is sent out the second week of August.  The regular school schedule begins the Monday of the second week of school.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Is CMS a peanut free school?

No, however, CMS will reasonably accommodate mild food allergies.

What is your teacher to child ratio?

We maintain a ratio of 10 students to 1 teacher.

Is 33 months too young to start?

No.  This is a great age for a child to begin their Montessori education.  Our youngest students join us in the Montessori classroom for the morning.  After lunch and a playtime outside, these students enjoy a story, nap/quiet time, toys and snack.  They rejoin the older students for music time and stories.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for siblings.