Daily Schedule

 7:30 – 8:45: Before-School Daycare 

8:45 – 11:15:  Morning Class 

Our morning class begins with songs, the calendar in French/German and English, the weather and a presentation of new work on the shelves. At 9:10, our students transition to “free choice” where they direct their learning. New work is individually introduced to students during this time and guidance is provided by a teacher when a student has a hard time deciding on an appropriate choice. We come together at the end of the morning for music and stories.

11:15/11:15 – 12:00: Morning Class Ends/Lunch Time

Half Day Morning students are picked up.  Students staying all day formally set the table family style for lunch with placemats, napkins, glass plates and cups. Teachers join the students at the meal to facilitate pleasant conversation and appropriate manners.  This is a wonderful time of relationship building.

12:00/12:15: Outdoor Play/Afternoon Half Day Students Arrive

While our all day students continue to play outside, the afternoon children arrive, play outside briefly then begin their afternoon with the calendar, music and a presentation. When the all-day students arrive indoors, they join the afternoon class or go to the Great Room for rest or activities.

2:45: Afternoon Class Ends/After School Daycare begins

Half day and All Day Plan students are picked up.  Premium Plan students eat “second lunch” and then head outside.  At 4:30, another snack is served and students return to the Great Room until they are picked up.

4:30:  School Closes.